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Kesnos Healthy Air System

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Commercial Dehumidifier

By offering yourself as well as your employees a comfortable working environment, the commercial dehumidifier is the best choice. No one likes humidity issues. Humidity problems due to poor ventilation can causes productivity issues down the line and corrosion of product, and we don't want that, right? Air drying is the best way to prevent the growth of mold and fungi. And, it can also be used in houses; too.

Our customers love #KESNOS

This dehumidifier works well. As soon as it was plugged in, it started filling with water. We were surprised at how much moisture it removed. We have it in the garage and put the small hose under the edge of the garage door. It works great. You can feel the difference in the air in the garage.

Nancy H.

This dehumidifier is better than anything else I've tried. I choose to empty the tank daily but it's no trouble. Keeps my basement from 86 to 47 percent humidity. No longer do i have to scrub away mildew.
I will at some point get another for the main floor. It works well to dehumidify a 1100sf space w doors open.

Peggy Ramos.

The best thing about this item is it really is whisper quiet. We know because the crawl space is right behind our headboard in the master bedroom. If the unit goes on and off, we don't hear it. We hear nothing! We wouldn't have been able to take care of this dilemma in the middle of a pandemic without a quiet solution and we got it! Thank you Kesnos.

Plgold Smith.

We could feel the humidity being pulled from other levels of our home right from the beginning. Bought it for the first floor hall that keeps getting all mildewed every year. It's fall now. We have cleaned our ceiling and walls of mildew. We'll see what happens next year when we crank the machine up again.




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